Why You Should Hire a Home Decorator in Naples

Are you having a house built or trying to spruce up your Naples home and give it a new look?

Below are eight advantages of hiring a professional home decorator rather than doing it on your own.

Maybe you are planning to sell your Naples home and you want to get top dollar for it. If any of these sound familiar, you might want to hire a professional interior decorator.

1. Save Money

This may seem strange, but when you hire a professional to decorate your house you will save money. When you are hiring a decorator it can help you avoid costly mistakes which will help you save money and increasing your home’s value. This will help when you’re selling your house, because it can help boost buyer appeal.

2. Professionally Trained

Decorators can give your home and situation a professional assessment. This is going to lead to a solid action. A decorator can help determine what is able to be re-purposed or what has to be replaced. You get an additional pair of eyes trained to see decorating aesthetics you can’t.

3. Budgeting & Planning

Decorators can keep you on budget, and on time. They will know where to go for furniture, drapery, window treatments, paint and fixtures for your house. This is going to save lots of time that you’d otherwise spend researching prices, brands, and products. They also will have it on hand, or take the time to research and purchase it on your behalf.

4. Liaison

Decorators can build strong bridges between your contractor or architect. This is very important when you are managing money and time. A decorator will help address furnishing and lighting needs before construction is started. You want to make sure that you have the right number of electrical outlets to suit your new dream home.

5. Vendor Resources

Decorators have access to things that you won’t have when it comes to vendors, general merchandise, resources, and connections. Which allow decorators the ability to make the space look more pulled together, unique, and luxurious.

6. Industry Contacts

Along with vendor resources, a designer will have a lot of contacts when it comes the home improvement industry. They are able to save you headaches and time when it comes to working with reliable and licensed electricians, contractors, and plumbers on your project.

7. Wow Factor

A decorator can help with giving you the wow factor you want to have for your home or office.

They’re trained to think differently and spatially and they can also see the overall picture that you can’t.

8. Home Value

Decorators are able to sometimes add a lot to your home’s aesthetic, which can often increase the overall appeal of your home. This extra appeal can make your home sell a lot more quickly and for more money.


Decorators and designers are professionals with trained eyes that can tell you automatically what they like about a space. This is a big advantage when you are making any kind of aesthetic decisions. This comes from many years of experience. A lot of times a homeowner tries doing it on their own and they get frustrated.

These are just some of the advantages that you will find when you hire a professional to give you advice on your interior design. You can do it on your own, but if you want to get the best results, it’s best to work with a trained interior decorator.