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In the design world, we’re observing upcoming trends to get excited about and welcome into your homes with open arms. From improving outside living spaces and creating a cozy indoor oasis to perfecting your current work-from-home setup, there are many quality products, accessories and design schemes to consider in the year ahead. Let’s dive in.

The design market is ever-changing. We’re excited to see more of these trends emerging in households across the nation, and we’re eager to help homeowners incorporate them into their own living spaces! Claudia Leah Design has plenty of design consultants who can help you take advantage of these trends and give your home the refresh it deserves.

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Outdoor Living

Homeowners are ready to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, especially after a long winter and months of isolation. This holds true no matter where you live; even if you reside in the California hills, you may still have a strong case of cabin fever.

Beyond venturing to a nearby park, taking advantage of your outdoor living space is a simple way to get outside and enjoy everything Mother Nature has to offer. But before you can sit back and take in the fresh air in your backyard, you may want to rethink your current outdoor theme.

In the past, the backyard or patio has been a space to get creative and look significantly different from the interior design of your home. Now, we recommend creating an outdoor living space that reflects your indoor design scheme and personality. It doesn’t have to be a mirror image of the inside of your home, but it should include similar stylistic elements and colour schemes.

Trends Inspired by Nature

Design styles inspired by the great outdoors are very trendy at the moment, but this doesn’t mean they haven’t always been popular. Architects and designers have incorporated nature into their home design and decor schemes for centuries.

Nature can be inspiring in so many ways, especially in home design and decor. There’s something about the way a certain pattern or texture brings the outdoors in with ease; many people associate a scene like a lively forest with tranquility. Others may consider it an opportunity to get wild.


LIVE-EDGE WOOD. This is a trend that emerged years ago and still has quite the influence. Live-edge slabs can be used to create a functional table that makes a textural, gorgeous conversation piece.

ANIMAL PRINTS. Vogue says animal prints have become the latest classic trend and its popularity isn’t expected to subside. Animal prints add an exotic element to any home.

COLORS OF THE ENVIRONMENT. Blues and greens make a great foundational color, and red can be used as a focal point.

NATURE-INSPIRED ACCENTS. Lighting in the shapes of leaves and antlers are trendy, and artwork inspired by the great outdoors is always in style.

Comfy and Cozy Deco

There’s no denying that we’re all spending more time at home. This means you should make sure your living space prioritizes comfort no matter how you spend your days. Whether you’re lounging with family or taking Zoom calls, the right furniture and decor can help your house feel more like home.


  • Soft, plush fabrics are essential for comfort. Performance fabrics are also a necessity; spending more time at home means putting your furniture through more wear and tear.
  • Sectional sofas make it simple and seamless to sit back and relax with family.
  • The nesting lifestyle is in and more popular than ever. Spend less time keeping your space sharp and more time softening things up. Curved, rounded edges in furniture are a major design factor in the current market. This style is great for gathering and encouraging conversation

Work From Home

Working from home is very popular and shows no signs of phasing out any time soon. This is a very important topic of discussion considering how transformative 2020 was for the average working man and woman. Many companies are even on board with turning into a completely remote organization or one with a hybrid environment opportunity, even after the pandemic finally comes to a close.

With the future of working from home showing a strong presence in many households across the country, finding ways to create or revamp the home office space is essential to increased productivity levels, improved comfortability, overall effectiveness and style and comfort.

So how can you create the perfect home office space to make it equally comfortable and effective?

Here are some elements essential to finding this balance:

Create a designated room to name your space and build your workstation with a functional desk, ergonomic chair and storage. Task lighting is also essential; natural lighting is superb but lamps and ceiling fixtures are helpful when you have limited natural light access.


FIND THE RIGHT WORKING AREA. A quiet place free of distractions is key.

MAKE SURE IT’S MOTIVATING. A space that offers a bright, cheery atmosphere for inspiration.

DON’T FORGET A RELAXATION STATION. A lounge chair to take breaks during the day.

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