Live Design Makeover On ABC7

Watch Claudia do a LIVE design makeover on some basic household items airing on local network ABC-7’s, More in the Morning with Gary Brode.

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How Does Claudia Leah Design Work?

Watch Claudia walk through the design process and getting started! Working with Claudia Leah Design is easy! We begin by asking questions about the scope of your project, your tastes, your lifestyle. Once we both decide we’re a fit, we’ll have you come to our studio to begin.

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Coastal Wallpaper Design Ideas

Claudia chats with Jaima Brown about her new line of wallpaper. Wallpaper can help you bring out your personality almost instantly.

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2020 Wallcovering Designs

Claudia Leah discusses wallpaper. Wallpaper is like magic – it can turn your home from now to wow in about a day!

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