Jaima Brown Wallpaper Designs 2019

Welcome to Claudia Leah Design in Naples, Florida. Today, we’re looking at wallpaper. It’s a magic thing that comes off the roll, goes up onto you wall and can make the room from now to wow in pretty much a day. These are some new designs that Jaima Brown brought to us. She is licensing under Daisy Bennett, but the papers are done by Jaima Brown. These are some of her newest things. We are loving all the colors, we’re loving all the patterns. I can’t wait to put this big banana leaf pattern into my own office. We’re just in awe of how detailed these papers are and how beautiful they will look on your wall. Please consider wallpaper in one of your next projects and if you need assistance to pick the right one for you, please give us a call at 239-431-5936.

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