7 Styles of Custom Window Treatments

Custom window treatments allow you to have complete control when you are creating the perfect look for your home. Whether you are looking for custom window treatments for privacy, to add value to your home, or for another reason, there are a variety of treatments from which to choose.  Below are seven different types of treatments you can choose for your home’s next interior design project.

Semi-sheer Treatments

Common spaces like living rooms or family rooms usually don’t require a lot of privacy. However, depending on how many windows the room has, it always may need light. Natural light can help with brightening a living room. It’s good to choose the fabric thickness for your custom treatments on how much light you would like to have in the space.

Cellular Shades

A lot of bathrooms, particularly the ones that are on the bottom floor, require the maximum amount of privacy. Cellular shades allow you to have privacy and still allow lots of light into the room. Cellular shades are constructed using a popular honeycomb design so the room stays warm and bright.


When a bedroom’s on the bottom floor, it will require more privacy than one that is on a higher floor, but it still needs natural light. The right type of drapery will offer light and privacy. Choose a thickness for your custom treatment based on the amount of privacy that you want.

Roller Shades

No matter where your bathroom is located, if you live close to people it can mean that you need privacy. Roller shades can be installed easily and provide light and privacy.

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Stained Glass

If you have a lot of windows that are on or close to your home’s front door, chances are that you want some privacy. So it’s a good idea to install stained glass. This is going to make your foyer your home’s focal point and stop passersby who want to look into your house. You can also do this using vinyl for saving on cost.

Layered Treatments

When you have a media or TV room, you often need blackout shades or curtains. You can layer drapes that go from your ceiling to your floor and Roman shades. This also will help you have wonderful acoustics in your media room.


When you are looking for custom window treatments, think about what you need and what your goal is with the window treatments. This will help you with choosing the right one and getting the most for your money. There are many options that you can choose to give you the custom look and feel that you want.

Blackout Curtains

These are popular when you have a small baby who needs to sleep during the day. When you are having custom drapes made, you can have blackout lining sewn into it. If you want absolute darkness, you can install drapes that go from the floor to your ceiling that go 18-inches beyond the window’s sides.