Home Decor Color Ideas

If you are moving into a new house or you are redecorating your old one, you will want to know how to create your color palette for your home the best that you can. Below are some tips that you can use to create a gorgeous home that you can be happy with.

Choose Your Color Scheme from the Space’s Largest Pattern

If you have upholstery with a pattern, a beautiful oriental art, or a big statue or painting, choose the colors you like from that pattern. For a paint color on your walls that is neutral, look to the beiges and whites in the pattern.

Start with Your Home’s Formal Areas

This is places like your dining room, living room, and your entry way. Select your color scheme for these areas first, and then choose a color from that scheme. For instance, take your red sofa and then tone the color down for accents in the areas that are more private, like your bedroom, office, or den.

Decorate the Space from Light to Dark from the Top

A great way that you can decorate your space perfectly is to reserve the darker color for your floor, then lighten your colors as you go up, saving the lightest color for your ceiling.

Study Your Clothes’ Colors

Most people will purchase their clothes in the colors that they enjoy wearing and think will make them look good. If you aren’t a fan of wearing yellow clothes, don’t purchase a sofa that’s yellow.

Use a Color Wheel

Generally, colors that are beside one another on color wheels like green and blue are relaxing and casual. These are great for private and informal spaces like a bedroom.

No matter what color scheme you are choosing, you should place something black in each room. This will clarify the other colors in your room. It doesn’t have to be large, it just have to be there.

Use the 60/30/10 Rule

When you are decorating your space, divide your space into components of 60% dominant, 30% secondary, and 10% accent. Your walls will likely be your majority, your upholstery and window treatments will be your secondary, and accessories like throw pillows and floral arrangements are the rest. This makes sure that your colors are balanced properly.

Go with Your Architecture

If your house has a small room, don’t try to make it look bigger. Rather use warm, rich color schemes to make it cozy. Any larger rooms expand using light and let smaller rooms nurture you and make you feel warm and cozy.

Follow Your Own Style

If you’re honestly decorating, your visitors are going to appreciate it since it’s you. Even if they don’t like the decor personally, if it’s in your style they will appreciate it. If you love the patriotic colors and you want to decorate your room in the colors of the American flag, do it. Any color can look good if it’s done with your taste.

You want to decorate your home so that you can enjoy it. So use these tips as guidelines to find your own personal style. This way your home will look wonderful and you will love the way that it looks.

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